Mashanov A.Z.

Mashanov Akzhan Zhaksybekovich (1906-1997)
             Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR. Akzhan Zhaksybekovich Mashanov is one of the founders of geomechanics in the Soviet Union, the founder of Kazakh science fiction, the author of the novels “Journey Into the Earth”, “Secret of the Earth”, Kazakh-Russian and Russian-Kazakh dictionaries on mining, geology and metallurgy, a researcher of the scientific heritage of the great scientist of the East al-Farabi. A wide scientific horizon, knowledge of the Arabic language allowed Akzhan Zhaksybekovich to do one of his main activities – to  discover the world the role of the great scientist Abu Nasyr al-Farabi. A. Zh. Mashanov proved that the sources of culture and science of Kazakhstan were the works of al-Farabi, thereby the name of this great scientist was forever included in the history of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For his in-depth studies of al-Farabi’s heritage, Arab scholars assigned him the new surname al-Mashani. By UNESCO decision, 2006 was declared the year of the century of al-Mashani. East Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D. Serikbaev organized the scientific forum, at which the prospects for the development of mining and geology in our region were discussed. Akzhan Mashanov devoted his life to this.