Altaev Z.

Altayev Zhakypbek
        Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Director of the Al-Farabi Center of KazNU named after Al-Farabi, Director of the Al-Farabi Center of Kazakh National University named after Al- Farabi.

In 1972 he graduated from the  philosophical department of the philosophical and economic faculty of Tashkent State University named after  Lenin. He defended his thesis in 1982 in the specialty – “History of Philosophy” on the theme “Leninist Methodology for the Analysis of the Contradictions of Imperialism” (based on the work of V. I. Lenin “Notebooks on Imperialism”). In KazNU named after  Al-Farabi has been working since 1985 – to the center, then, after protection in 1997. Doctoral dissertation on the topic “Kazakh philosophy of the son of Kalyptasuy”, specialty – “History of Philosophy”, – professor of the department since 1998.

Zhakypbek Altayev made a report on the influence of the works of the second teacher on the Islamic world and Europe. In turn, Iraqi experts noted the need to popularize the works of historical figures who have contributed to the development of world civilization.