Sapashev O. S.

Sapashev Oraz Sapashұly
       Head of the Department of Turkology and Indology at KazNU named after Al-Farabi.

1995 to 1997 – Lecturer, Department of Kazakh Philology, EKSU;

1997 to 1999 Research trainee at the Center for the Study of Ancient Turkic Written Monuments of KazNU;

1999 to 2003 – Head of the Department of Philology, VGI;

2003 to 2010 – Director of the Research Center “Turkology” EKSU;

from 2010 to 2011 – Bolashak graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison USA;

2011 to 2012 – Professor, Department of Asian Languages ​​and Culture, University of Wisconsin Madison USA / CRECCA Lecturer / Indiana University Lecturer, USA;

2012 – Director of the Research Center of the KazNU named after Al-Farabi

2013 – Lecturer atsummer school of Indiana Bloomington University, USA.

Oraz Sapashұly is the author of the textbook “Kөne turkі tіlі”, the homography “Cultural Heritage of East Kazakhstan”, “Monumental Art of the Early Middle Ages of East Kazakhstan”. “Toponymic space of East Kazakhstan”, “Cultural heritage of East Kazakhstan”, etc.