Petrik J.

Petrik James
Рrofessor at the Department of Philosophy at Ohio University, during his visit to Almaty got acquainted with the work of the Kazakh poet and enlightener Abay Kunanbayev. Now the American scientist often turns to the works of Kazakh thinkers. He believes that Abay’s wise words are relevant for the whole world .. James Petrik, professor of philosophy at Ohio University – 8 years ago, he first arrived in Kazakhstan on an educational program. In his free time he got acquainted with the culture and art of the Kazakh people. Then I discovered the work of the great Abay. Read his books and wise thoughts. His aphorisms about love, justice and soulfulness inspired like the works of the great Al-Farabi. His teaching on friendship with people of different cultures, nationalities, languages ​​and religions is now very relevant. Kazakh National University named after Al- Farabi appreciates a big step in the development of close international cooperation in the academic field and interaction with representatives of various civilizations.