Druart T.

Thérèse-Anne Druart
American researcher of medieval Arab and ancient philosophy. Professor Emerita at the Catholic University of America.

1967 – graduated from the Université Catholique Louvain in with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

1968 – graduated from the Université Catholique Louvain with a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies.

1973 – defended her doctoral dissertation on the philosophy of Plato.

1975 – studied medieval Islamic philosophy and theology at the University of Oxford .

Druart is an author of scientific articles on the philosophy of al-Farabi in which she considers the views of the thinker on the problems of happiness, intersubjectivity, philosophy of language, ethics and metaphysics. The scientist also conducted a workshop on the first part of al-Farabi’s “Great Book of Music” at the University of Albert-Ludwig in Freiburg in 2015.