The al-Farabi Center was established on the basis of the al-Farabi Research Center, established on January 1 1993, at the Kazakh State National University. Al-Farabi Research Center was headed by an outstanding Kazakhstani scientist, whose work on the history of Kazakh philosophy, philosophy of the East, al-Farabi’s creative research is widely known all over the world – A.Kh. Kasymzhanov, doctor of philosophy, professor, correspondent member of NSA RK.

From the very beginning of its existence, the Center has made a significant contribution to the development of farabi studies and Kazakhstan science in general. Studying the heritage of al-Farabi in the context of understanding the development of Kazakhstan’s spiritual culture is extremely relevant in our days.

The mission of the al-Farabi Center is the formation of integral worldview values based on the study and popularization of the heritage of al-Farabi, the formation of a national scientific, educational and innovative cluster on the basis of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

On the website of the al-Farabi Center you can learn about the life and work of al-Farabi, about scientists who have made a great contribution to the development of world farabi studies, get information about scientific and cultural centers around the world that study the heritage of al-Farabi, sign up for various scientific events, etc.