Otrar State Archaeological Reservation Museum
The Otrar State Archaeological Reservation Museum was opened in 1967 at the Temir station of the Otrar district of the South Kazakhstan region. Originally it was a school museum, since 1973 a district museum, and in 1979 it was transformed into the Otrar State Archaeological Reservation Museum.

The main goal of the museum is to conduct research, cultural and educational work on the protection of archaeological and architectural monuments in the Otrar region. The Otrar State Archaeological Reservation Museum includes the city of Otrar, the mausoleum of Arystan-Bab and all the ancient cities of the region, ancient settlements, irrigation systems, workshops.

The museum has several departments and a library. In 1993 110 historical monuments were approved for the museum, and the protected area was increased to 11547 ha. Currently the Otrar State Archaeological Reservation Museum has 202 historical and cultural monuments. The Museum underwent major repairs and in 2018 the official opening of the Museum’s exhibition hall, created with the use of modern technologies, was held.

«Museum Rukhaniyat – Abu Nasyr al-Farabi», Turkestan
The «Rukhaniyat-Abu Nasr al-Farabi» Museum of the Department of culture of the Turkestan region started its work on March 18, 2011. Over the past 9 years, the Museum has organized many important fairs. Of these, on April 19, 2019, about 40 exhibits were presented at the «Rukhaniyat – Abu Nasr al-Farabi» Museum. These are books in the library “Arystanbab”, treatises of al-Farabi, exhibits found during excavations on Otrar, musical instruments, remains of dishes, coins of the XII-XIII centuries. In 2017 the «Rukhaniyat – Abu Nasr al-Farabi» Museum won the first place in the “Parade of museums-2017” competition.
Al-Farabi Museum, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Museum of al-Farabi is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the great thinker, whose name is worthy of the Kazakh National University since 1991. The museum opened its doors on April 13, 2013 in the new building of al-Farabi library. Being the first museum at the university dedicated to al-Farabi, it works closely with the al-Farabi research center at KazNU.

The Museum’s exposition is divided into the following thematic sections: «Ancient Otrar – treasury of memory. The youthful years of al-Farabi», «Along the Great Silk Road. Years of comprehension of wisdom, knowledge of the world. Study in the Middle East», «Al-Farabi. The dialogue of East and West», «The works of al-Farabi are the golden heritage of mankind. Al-Farabi and thinkers of the Turkic world», «The spiritual heritage of al-Farabi and modern Kazakhstan».

The concept of the museum is based on the value system of the scientist and philosopher al-Farabi, who devoted his whole life to the search for harmony between the world and human happiness.

Al-Farabi Ethnographic House Museum, Istanbul (Turkey)
The opening of the ethnographic House Museum is timed to the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi. Al-Farabi House Museum is located in the very center of Istanbul – one of the world leaders of tourism and the ethnographic museum complex of the Turkic world. It presents sculptural composition, historical artifacts, the works of the scientist and books about the Thinker. An interesting excursion program has been developed for museum visitors, and for Turkish schoolchildren, a special educational course has been prepared on the basis of the museum.