Scientific library of Kazakh National University named after Al-farabi
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«Al-Farabi» Journal of Socio-Humanitarian Studies
The Al-Farabi Journal of Socio-Humanitarian Studies has been published since 2003 and is a scientific platform for discussing current issues in the field of socio-humanitarian knowledge. Al-Farabi magazine is included in the list of scientific publications recommended by the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The priority areas of the journal are: fundamental problems of philosophy, political science, religious studies; Actual problems of dialogue and relations between East and West, Turkic and Kazakh philosophy.

ISSN № 1999-59-11


«Al-farabi» international journal on social sciences
ISSN – 2564-7946

Scientific and educational magazine «»
Scientific and educational magazine “” has been published since 2012 in KazNU named after Аl-Farabi. The main thematic focus of the publication: in-depth study and specialized training of high school students in humanitarian and natural-scientific subjects.

Language of the publication: Kazakh, Russian.


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